Cold, rainy, and snowy; that was yesterday morning.  At the top of the City (Emery Pass) I heard there was 4 inches of new snow in the morning.  In the afternoon, the dogs and I got itchy feet and headed up into the City.  Up I drove and found it snowing.  I had a hat and my hood on my head trying to keep out the bitter cold wind.  And then… I was rewarded for my effort to see the City; the sun started shining, the air was clear, the wind died, and few people were in the City.  I felt like I had the entire City to myself; to slowly explore the nooks and crannies.  It was special. Here are some photos from yesterday.

2019-05-21 15.59.13_1

Treasure Rock

There is a story that stolen money was buried by Treasure Rock before the outlaws were killed.  2.5 billion year old rock is in the background.

2019-05-21 14.21.25.jpg

Bread Loaves Rock in the middle of the photo

2019-05-21 15.38.15

Interesting vein.  From Bath Rock parking lot, take the Creekside Trail, turn right at the seventh step.

2019-05-21 15.05.40_1.jpg

2019-05-21 15.03.11_1.jpg


2019-05-21 15.29.01.jpg

My dog Razzy

Razzy decided to stand still for me. Rocket chose not to and has lost this opportunity for fame.

A friend asked to see the photos in B/W, so you get to see the photos twice. You decide which you like better.

2019-05-21 15.59.13_2.jpg

2019-05-21 14.21.25_2.jpg

2019-05-21 15.38.15_1.jpg

2019-05-21 15.05.40_2

2019-05-21 15.03.11_2.jpg

2019-05-21 15.29.01_1