I stopped at the Malheur NWR headquarters for information. I knew this time of year wasn’t prime for bird watching but I had seen so many birds at the Tule NWR, maybe there would be lots of birds here. I asked, “Do you recommend taking the auto tour?” Other visitors overheard me and answered my question with, “No way. It is a waste of time.” But on Saturday, I drove the south portion of the auto tour and throughly enjoying it.

2019-09-28 13.04.08 4Saturday was not a day to venture out into the woods. It was the opening day of hunting season, snow was forecast for the high elevations with rain on/off around Frenchglen, and my old dog wanted to go for a ride in the truck – not for a walk. So off we went and I decided to focus on looking for photo opportunities. I’ve been watching landscape photograph YouTube videos and what I’ve learned is that in the middle of the day with grey overhead clouds (poor light) the odds of me taking a good photo were slim. But it was fun trying. I drove between 1 – 4 mph and had the road to myself. I could stop anywhere and try different shots. And I did see some wildlife. I watched a coytoe for about 10 minutes. I saw ducks, little brown birds, a raptor and deer.

Here are some pictures from my effort.  Nothing too special, but it was a good day.

2019-09-28 13.45.07

Silhouette  placed in a farmer’s field.

2019-09-28 12.48.38.jpg

2019-09-28 14.16.31.jpg

2019-09-28 12.34.28 1

2019-09-28 14.14.08

An old CCC building.

2019-09-28 15.10.09 1.jpg

From Buena Vista Overlook.