I’m off for a month, to unwind and to forget about work; to stop dreaming about work.   A time to slow down and forget about deadlines, meetings, and the ever present MS outlook schedule that rules my life.

Hecate Head lighthouse, here I come.  I’m going to be a lighthouse docent for a month.

I had celebrated Christmas with family and friends last weekend.  So I left driving on Christmas Eve.  Yes, WSDOT indicated I would be driving during the worst traffic.  And there was traffic, but orderly and kind.  I wish I could have taken a picture of a Santa I saw driving down the road.  White beard with a red hat.

The next morning Santa gave me a good present this year.  Rocket my dog, ran and retrieved like his old self.  He has an autoimmune disease that flared up recently.  I’ve been working with the vet trying different drug dosages and recently we changed drugs.  Progress.  He will have fun running on the beach playing in the sand and water.


Rocket at the beach