This blog is about some of my travels.  For me it is an experiment in writing informally, something different from the rigid technical style at work.  And it is about sharing information.

I have thought a bit about the ethics of revealing boondocking sites.  No one wants the location of their secret get-away to be broadcast on the web for all to know.  This makes me hesitant to share the location of many wonderful sites with others.  Yet I have benefited greatly from those that have shared with me and I want to help other travels, as I have been helped.  It has simplified my travel knowing places that I can camp at before I arrive.  After tossing this conflict around in my head, the  approach I have settled upon is to share boondocking sites that appear to be well known and used by many people.  I will keep mum on remote sites.

The blog title:  Searching for the Middle of Nowhere, reflects my desire to get away from the cities – the traffic, the deadlines, the stress, and the people of cities.  I love finding a boondocking site in the middle of nowhere where I can stop with my trailer and camp with my dogs.

Entries into the blog will be hit and miss corresponding to times when I can break free from work and search for the middle of nowhere.  And at times I may write up posts for camping sites I visited in the past.

Photos taken in 2016 and earlier are with a smart phone.  In 2017 I upgraded to a Sony RX100 II pocket camera.  All photos are taken handheld with no photo stacking.

Update May 2019:  I’ve retired from the paying job.  Now there will be more time to travel.

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Nevada Highway 50.  From the hill above Hickson Petroglyph Recreation Site.

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  1. Thanks for visiting our site and for the comment. I found that full-time RVing life can sometimes be stressful (our rig is large and more difficult to get to places), but the experience is quite liberating. Best wishes with your planning for a get away.


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