It rained the entire time we were at the lighthouse today so we were hanging out in one of the old oil houses.  An oil house is where they stored the kerosene that was used to fuel the light before electricity.  Not luxury accommodations but in the oil house we are out of the wind and rain and have heat.












As we sit and chat we keep an eye on the small crack between the door and frame.  When we see someone, one of us jumps up and goes out to welcome them and mention that we are giving tours if they are interested.

20160114_134518 (2).jpg

The important crack that we constantly stare at between the door and wall.

Today Kevin was talking about his volunteering experiences.  After he and his wife had traveled for a year seeing the country, a friend told him that he needed to get a job.  “Absolutely no way,” he responded but then the idea of a volunteer job was discussed, he gave it a try, and liked it.  He got excited when talking about his volunteer job was at a wildlife refuge in Texas.   Snakes were everywhere which make wearing snake guards a mandatory requirement when working.  Snake guards protect the leg between the shoe and the knee in the area where a snake would bite.  He never had a snake try to bite him but he saw Water Moccasins, Coral, and Rattle snakes everywhere.   He talked about making over 1,300 bird and bat houses by Port Orford.  Today when you drive the back roads in the area you can see the houses he built.   He was a campground host at Wallowa Lake State Park and mentioned he doesn’t recommend that gig.  The campfire smoke settles over the campground making the place uncomfortably smoky.  And he has stayed at the Washburne campground being a lighthouse docent.  Now that he has bought a house in the area he is volunteering on weekends.  Although he thinks his time of extensive traveling are over, I think he will once again volunteer to go to Texas and work at the wildlife refuge where they have small homes for the volunteers to live in.  Kevin:  Next year – Texas.