Back to Lost Creek where I had been yesterday.  Yes – they are clam fossils I found yesterday.  So I am back today in the rain and wind looking for more.  And I found more.  Double eureka.

20160120_070108 (2).jpg

Local knowledge is if you walk south of Lost Creek you can find clams and such.  If you walk north of Lost Creek you may find marine vertebrates.  I found my clams about 1,000 feet south of the creek next to the bluff.   North of the creek was almost all sand with no rocks showing today so I didn’t bother to look for fossils there.

And of course the dogs had fun.  They discovered a new toy – an empty plastic water bottle.  I would throw it up and the strong wind would send the bottle flying down the beach with them running after it.  They would run, chase and pounce on the bottle, only to have the wind send it flying away from them.  The chase continued.   Great wild fun.