Those that have read my blog posts on camping sites know that I do not frequent established campgrounds.  But life is full of unanticipated twists and turns.  I found myself wanting a simple January vacation this year.  A vacation where I didn’t have to make a lot of decisions like where to camp, where to find food, and what to do each day.   So I decided to volunteer where I would have limited decisions to make.  For the month of January I was a docent at the Heceta Head lighthouse.  In exchange for volunteering as a docent I received free camping in the Carl Washburne campground with all hookups.  The first time I have “camped” with complete hookups.  Kind of glamping not camping.


Carl Washburne campground

The campground is east of the highway not on the beach side.  This is appreciated in the winter with the campground well protected from the winds.  It is nicely wooded yet the woods block a complete view of the sky.  Without the view, I could not see the approaching weather to gain a general understanding of the how to approach the day.

Showers are free and require no token but… there is no heat in the building.  Be prepared to move fast to dry and get dressed once you turn the water off.

There are two nice walking trails that leave from the campground that I described in previous posts.

Location Facts:

  • The campground is about 14 miles north of Florence, Oregon and 12 miles south of Yachats.
  • Absolutely no cell and internet service.  Version is available across the road at the day use area.  ATT is available at the Sea Lion Caves about five miles south.
  • For things to do, read about the posts about my month stay.
  • In January the campground averaged between 2 and 12 paying campers in the park.
  • The yurts are popular and the two yurts at this campground were often full.
  • At high tide there is no beach.  If beach walking is what you want to do, plan your trip to have low tides when you want to be on the beach.