We slowly continued south on the washboard Burr Trail.  I call it Zen driving when life forces restrict my speed.  Fighting the forces is useless, so I tell myself to appreciate the details one can see and experience at a slow speed.  It was a slow jarring drive.

image1 (2).jpeg

Washboard road.  Photo credit:  Jan

Jarring.  When we entered the trailer at our campsite the prior night we found shattered glass on the floor.  It was a pile of glass splintered into small pieces. I was a bit alarmed and feared a broken window.   But after inspecting the windows they were found to be solid.  And we saw the mirror was intact.  We were puzzled.  We looked above the glass but only saw a solid roof.  Our eyes kept searching the trailer.  Then we saw the source of the glass.  The washboard travel had caused the glass panel on the oven door to shatter.  Not a crisis or even an inconvenience since I have yet to use the oven.  But it was a warning to us, that washboard roads can cause damage.  And we did find more damage.  At a later stop we found that a solar panel on the roof had broken loose; dangling over the edge, held on only by the cables.  Oh my.  Fortunately I had included heavy duty wire cutters with my tools and I was able to reach up from the door and cut the cables and catch the panel.  Once again no crisis.  We were living a charmed life, the panel could have broken loose while driving and caused more damage but it didn’t.   As a bonus the solar panel gods smiled on me; the second panel on the roof continued to operate the remainder of the trip.

Onward we drove with stories to tell.  The washboard road ended and we drove to Muley Point located off of Highway 261, our camping destination.    


View of Hite Bridge over the Colorado River from Highway 95.


Sunrise view from Muley Point.  Monument Valley in the distance.


Another sunrise photo at Muley Point


Muley point view form the west point looking down on to the San Juan River goosenecks.


  • There are two gas stations; in the middle of nowhere, on Highway 276 about 5 miles north of on the turn south to the Bullfrog Marina.  The one we stopped at was closed on Sundays.
  • The drive on Highway 95 between Highway 276 and Highway 261 is scenic.
  • Camping spots are numerous at Muley Point.  A lot of them are located east of the point.  About 500 feet before the first oh-my view is a road that goes east (left turn when approaching the view point).
  • I think the best sunrise view is from the area east of the view point.