From the camp site I wandered to Butte. I hadn’t planned to visit Butte but it had rained and I wanted time for the back roads to dry. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the city. The city embraces its past and has left a number of head-frames standing. And Oh My! – I knew mining tunnels were under the city but I was shocked when I saw a map of the tunnels. Tunnels are everywhere under the city.

2018-09-24 11.42.05_1

2018-09-24 11.42.46_1

2018-09-24 11.49.08

This head-frame is in a city park

Mining is still going strong in Butte. It was interesting to hear that the copper concentrate is shipped to China for smelting. I’m still trying to get my head around that.


  • Between Melrose and Butte, east of I-15 are the Humbug Spires. I didn’t walk to the spires or walk very far because it was late in the day, a single track path difficult with two dogs on leashes, I’m out of shape, and Rocket is an old dog. Lots of excuses huh? Click this link. It sounds like a nice six mile round trip walk.