After settling into my Mill Creek Campground site I returned to Virginia City the next day. I meander up the Alder Gulch Road south of Virginia City looking for evidence of the old mines. A lot of the land was marked private but the further I drove the ”Private – No Trespassing” signs diminished. It looked to me that the hills are filled with old mines with remnants of old roads dug into the hills. With a gps and hiking boots one could spend days exploring. I was aiming for Union City located at the end of the road.  But I didn’t make it to the old city, to keep going it looked like four-wheel drive was required. More adventure than I wanted traveling with only my dogs.

2018-10-03 10.35.49

Unknown grave at the Tunnel Mine

2018-10-03 11.02.43_1.jpg

Along the Alder Gulch Road

2018-10-03 11.13.15

Kearsage Mine

2018-10-03 11.13.42.jpg

The back side of the wall. I noticed no mortar in the wall.  Just the outside.

2018-10-03 11.54.57_1

At Virginia City


  • Don’t try to pull a trailer on Alder Gulch Road south of Virginia City. It is narrow. Plus there are very few places to camp.
  • Almost everything in Virginia City was closed when I visited it.  Everything in Nevada City was closed.