I choose to come to the City of Rocks as a transition into retirement. After 40 years of working an established job with deadlines, meetings, massive amount of emails, and my life ruled by my Outlook calendar, my friend Jan strongly recommended that I don’t start my retirement at home. Start with some structure she recommended. Leave. So I started looking for a trip to take and opportunities to volunteer. The results of my search; is coming to the City of Rocks. I give geology tours and hang around Register Rock telling stories about the California Trail for those that stop by.  Plus I walk trails in uniform answering questions. A perfect transition to retirement.

I use to work in a high rise climate controlled building.  My new offices are different.

2019-05-10 17.23.48

My new home office in my camping trailer on a small folding table

2019-05-10 13.36.40.jpg

My field office at Register Rock

The other day I suggested that we place some signs by Register Rock letting people know when I am there telling stories about the California Trail. Stories like those about Daniel Tickner (see previous post). In my old life, I had the graphic department prepare anything I needed. Today I hand wrote a sign. It felt strange.  I don’t think I’ve ever written a sign by hand.  I’m use to everything looking polished. But maybe it is me that is strange for thinking too much about the sign. The sign is functional; that is what is important.

2019-05-11 14.15.29

My Register Rock sign that I wrote by hand.

Life is good. I’m loving my new life.