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Airway arrows are an obscure part of American aviation history. When I found that I would be joining the team at the City of Rocks I started looking around for interesting things to do in the area. I found that the Strevell Airway Arrow was nearby. For an explanation of airway arrows this web site has a pretty good description.

This arrow is located about 300 feet east of the intersection of old Highway 81 and the Strevell Road.

2019-05-13 15.45.42

The arrow

Not much is left of Strevell except a portion of a building. The most I could find out about the town was in the gathering gardiners web site.  It had gas stations, a school, and a hotel before the town died.

Below is a photo of the one remaining building which doesn’t have much left and I’m not sure what keeps it standing. Both sides of this building have concrete basements and building foundation, but no upper building. Compare my photo to the photo I found at the gathering gardiners web site below it.

2019-05-13 16.00.12


It looks like both ends of the building were cut off and only the small middle section of the original building remains. How curious.

Driving to Strevell I passed through the remains of Naf.  What little bit I found about the town indicated that this dance hall was a lively place Saturday night.  Now it looks like one family lives there and the cafe was closed when I drove by.

2019-05-13 15.17.03

A hopping place in the past.

2019-05-13 15.18.37


2019-05-13 15.19.45

The Naf welcoming committee.  Friendly dog.