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Visit Glacier National Park?  I had no plans to visit Glacier with the thought of lots of people and it being a not dog friendly place.  But I realized I was close and it was the end of the season.  So I called the Park to find out how crowded it might be and was told: ”It is better than it was this summer.”  The man on the phone sounded tired.  Not the most positive comment, but not negative.  So I decided to go drive the Going To The Sun Road.

Lake McDonald, early morning

Being a person that doesn’t enjoy driving, going on a scenic drive was not normal for me.  I got to the entrance at 7:45 am and immediately wondered what I had gotten myself into.  I felt like a tourist caught in the middle of the Grand Prix race.  After a half hour of constantly pulling over to let people zip by me, the traffic diminished and I started enjoying the drive.  I think most of the early birds were racing to get parking spots for hikes.  

Having not planned on going to Glacier, I only knew that there was a famous road to drive.  What I found out is that Glacier is the royalty of Belt rocks.  I was amazed.  Here are some photos from the drive.

The highlight of my day and perhaps the entire trip was that I found fossilized stromatolites (blue-green algae).      


The stromatolites are located on the uphill side of the Going To The Sun Road a little ways downhill of the tunnel.  There is a small pull out there.  Or you can park in the area downhill of the tunnel and walk the short distance.

Keeping with the theme of not doing normal things, I spent two nights parked at the Flathead County Fairground.  Yup, me who loves dispersed camping was spending two nights parked at a fairground.  You got to laugh. It was all I could find that was open except RV parks.  It turned out better than anticipated.  I was the only one there, it was quite, I had a somewhat nice territorial view, and I got a shower.  

View from my fairground parking site.

The Facts:

  • The fairground was $25/night.  I got power, water to fill my tank, and access to the restrooms and showers.  The last day they were open this year is October 10th.  It was better than an RV park.