In the early evening, a clanging noise from my metal trailer step startled the dogs and got them barking.  Hum, I thought it must be the metal contracting as the air cooled.  I looked outside into the dark and didn’t see anything.  The next night about the same time I heard quiet metal noises on/off for a half an hour.  Once again I looked outside and didn’t see anything.  I kept looking outside.  All I could think of, was that a RV had joined me at my camp site but I didn’t see them.  I had found this camp site on the web so it wasn’t a secret place.  Ghost campers?  But when I took the dogs out for their 8:00 pm piss/poop walk there was no new campers at my spot.  Hum.  A mystery.  

The next morning I found small scat left on my outdoor rug.  Phil told me he had seen fox in the area.  Perhaps fox scat?  The metal noise could have come from my dog fence as the animal scurried around maybe investigation the dog smells.  

Fox scat?
My dog fence