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I’d planned and researched about everything one can find on the internet regarding visiting Utah and now I’m off starting on my trip. I left work early to get the final loading of the trailer done with the goal of leaving by 7:00 that night. If I left by 7:00 I could make it to a state park in Yakima and not arrive too late in the evening. However, 7:00 came and I wasn’t ready to leave.  Although I was still at home, I opened a beer to toast the beginning of my too-cool-to-be-defined vacation. I was going to see some of the coolest geology.

I pulled out early the next morning heading southeast aiming towards Boise. I had identified a number of potential camping locations east of Boise and I would drive until I hit a wall. This was a day for driving not being a tourist. I got into my driving Zen, turned on country music and drove on with a big smile. I knew I was going to have an incredible vacation.

I hit the wall close to Twin Falls and knew it was time to stop for the day.   I pulled into Murtaugh Lake County Park east of Twin Falls. A place with a down-home slow pace feel. A perfect place to relax and spend the night.


My camp site

Location facts:

  • Many sites are on the lake.
  • There were only about 5 other campers there that night.
  • Not much more for me to write. I ate some dinner and fell asleep. Early in the morning I left. My focus was getting to Utah.
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