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Off I drove to Utah with my goal of camping at The Wedge that night.  To get there I traveled south through the Salt Lake valley on Highway 15.  It took me a couple of hours driving to get through the urban setting of a many-lane freeway, lots of traffic, and general unpleasantness.  But I knew the results would be worth it and it was.  I had read a lot about The Wedge.  What I had read was that the canyon located anywhere other than Utah would probably be a national park, but in Utah with so many incredible sights it was just simply BLM land.  I turned east off Highway 10 onto the Green River Cutoff at Castle Dale.


Really? There is a big canyon ahead?

I pulled up to the edge of The Wedge and saw stripes of rocks.

IMAG0540 (3).jpg

The Wedge

It was everything I had anticipated.  And few people where there.  I think I saw a total of five people there and I stayed two nights.


Camping at The Wedge


IMAG0596 (2).jpg

Looking north towards the Buckhorn Draw

Location facts:

  • Stop at the BLM information site located at the turn off to The Wedge to read the rules on camping.  Camping is only allowed at camp sites.  You cannot camp on the edge of The Wedge.
  • The Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry museum is near.  However, when I traveled by it was only open a few days a week and not the days I was there.  Something for me to see on another trip.
  • There is a lot to do and discover in this area.  For ideas download geocache sites.  With the geocache site I found fossils, a dinosaur track and petroglyphs all not signed for the public.
  • The pictures I show are from the west road to The Wedge.  I didn’t drive down the east road.
  • Camping is free.
  • There are boondocking sites in the Buckhorn Draw.
  • The Buckhorn Draw is a wonderful drive.  I think I drove it at about 10 mph as I ooh-ed and ahh-ed.
  • There is a boondocking site close to the intersection of Highway 70 and the Buckhorn Draw Road, off of Buckhorn Draw Road.