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Ah, a perfect example of nowhere in Utah. Camping on the edge of a canyon showing the ribbons of stone and no one within miles of me.   I was driving the Burr Trail and had heard that there were boondocking sites west of Long Canyon. I found the best site in the world on the north side of the road just before the road heads down into Long Canyon.










After a day of exploring I loved sitting in my comfy camp chair, drinking a cool beer and absorbing life.


The camp site

The view of the incredible Utah geology; millions of years of earth speaking to me and at the same time jet airplanes were silently speeding overhead. I contemplated the contrast between the lives of those sitting in the cramped noisy airplanes and this moment in my life. What contrast; the grounded feeling looking at millions of years of rocks and the fleeting moments of technology fluttering in the air.


Petrified wood on the Wolverine Petrified Wood trail

East of my camp site is an area of petrified wood.  I walked the Wolverine Petrified Wood trail and after about a mile I saw a field of logs.  Darn cool.

Location facts:

  • The site has about 5 camping sites, not all are on the canyon edge but I would be happy camping at any of the places.
  • The road in is a bit rutted. I recommend walking the road first. I bent the folding step into my trailer.
  • Further east a couple of miles, at the bottom of the escarpment there is a pleasant camping spot by a creek.
  • Still further east yet less than 5 miles, there is a trail head with lots of parking area that could be used for camping.
  • West is the Deer Creek campground. A very small campground that did not appeal to me. If you want to check it out and have a big rig, walk into it. There isn’t a lot of room to turn around.
  • At the switchback on the escarpment there is a parking lot for a trail head. The 1964 USGS maps indicate there is a cliff dwelling up the creek. I couldn’t find it. Let me know if you are luckier than me.
  • Minimal cell coverage. I was able to make a poor phone call on Verison.