My next adventures were near the Hole in the Rock Road east of Escalante, Utah.  Driving to that location from the east was a bonus, somehow in my hours of trip planning I didn’t learn how incredibly scenic Highway 12 is east of the Hole in the Rock Road.  Driving along I found myself on a hogback with sandstone canyons on both side.  “Oh my, oh my,” escaped from my mouth as I drove.  I slowed down trying to keep my eyes on the twisting road but I also wanting to see every inch of the scenery and miss nothing.  It was a challenge.


View looking eastward at Hwy 12.  The snowcapped Henry Mountains are in the far distance.

My destination was the Hole in the Rock Road.  I had spied what looked like a camping location from Google Earth while trip planning, at the intersection of the Hole in the Rock Road and Hwy 12.  Other potential camping sites I had seen on Google Earth had in the past turned out to be a disappointment, but this one didn’t.  This boondocking site was large and definitely well known.  There were about a dozen of us camped there with lots of space separating everyone.  I got a spot on the edge where I could sit and look out and see no one.



View from my campsite looking south

IMAG0954.jpgThis was hot, short pants wearing, summer time weather while I was there.  Highs about 80.  Such a change from the snow I experienced at Capital Reef.  I was planning my outings for the early morning and coming back to camp in the afternoon to read a book under the shade of my trailer canopy.

One day I went to view the Dino tracks at Twentymile Wash Dinosaur Megatrackway.  I did see about twenty prints but nothing close to the 800 prints I read are at the site.  Perhaps if you stop at the Escalate visitor center you can get directions on where to look.

Location Facts:

  • There was a garbage dumpster located by the camping area.
  • The easiest way to climb up the rock to see the Dino tracks is to walk around the rock to the far back left.
  • There is a boondocking site immediately passed the Dino tracks parking area.  Drive about another quarter mile to the end of the road.
  • The jack broke on my trailer when I went to leave.  Simply gave up and the front of the trailer fell to the ground on a Friday afternoon.  Lessons learned:  1) Calling to Kanab and St George searching for repair options; everyone is closed on the weekend.  This is Utah.  2) Small towns have shops that fix everything.  Escalante had a repair shop for cars and RVs that fixed the jack.  I got the trailer there Friday afternoon right before they closed and they fixed it.
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