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I stopped at the BLM office in Canyonville, Utah to get my free camping permit and to enquire about boondocking sites.  The woman at the office was efficient, helpful and dutifully gave me a location to boondock.  I think they give everyone the same location when asked.  The highlight of the information center was finding a road guide geology book written for the Cottonwood Canyon Road.  Anyone that has any interest in geology should stop at the center and buy the book.


My camp site

I drove south on Canyonwood Canyon Road past the entrance to the Kodachrome State Park and turned west (right) on the next road.  There are a number of boondocking sites on this road, all very nice.  Some are on edge of the hill with a wonderful view.  This was no secret area.  I was there two nights and each night there a number of people camping in the area, yet the area can accommodate a number of campers with a lot of separation.


I did a quick tour of Kodachrome State Park but my heart wasn’t into being a tourist.  After traveling for a couple of weeks I took time off from exploring and returned to the camp to read a murder mystery novel.

Location facts:

– No cell coverage.

– If you are driving something that takes room to turn around, I wouldn’t go past the corral on the south side of the road about a half of mile in.  I drove past it for a ways and saw no more camping sites and no easy place to turn around.

– Due to the sandy conditions of the Cottonwood Road the BLM did not recommend driving the road north/south while pulling a trailer.  I saw why in the south portion of the road.  There was a significant dip in the road used to direct water during a rain storm that was sandy.

– I’ve misplaced my copy of the geology guide.  Surfing the internet I think it might be:  Cottonwood Canyon Geology Road Guide by Christa Sadler and Janice Gillespie.