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Driving Nevada Highway 50 westward, I experienced the basin and range geology first hand.  The broad valley basins and then up over a mountain range.  A slow motion up-then-down that held a peaceful predictable rhythm.  The green valleys and then the forested ranges tipped with snow made me lust to stop and explore, but that would have to be another trip.  I needed to get home.


Entering Highway 50

Needing a place to sleep for the night, we pulled into the Hickison Petroglyph campground, fearful that it may be full on this Memorial Day weekend.  We were reminded that we were in the middle of nowhere and found the small campground only half full.


At the campground

Before driving on, we walked up the hill behind the campground and enjoyed the view.  And then we were off, continuing the drive home.


View from the hill

Location Facts:

  • Nice easy free place to camp.
  • I enjoyed having the book Traveling America’s Loneliest Road, A geologic and Natural History Tour through Nevada along US Highway 50 by Joseph Tingley and Ann Pizarro.  I bought my copy at the Great Basin National Park.
  • Map.