Julie and Peter came to visit today and are staying in a yurt.   The yurt comes with electric light and heater, almost all the comforts of home.  Peter’s only critique of the yurt is that without some jerry-rigging to the beds, pillows slide onto the floor all night long.  Peter fashioned a headboard for the second night to keep the wandering pillows in place. P1040090

I promised Julie and Peter a warm trailer when they arrived with dinner.  The warmth and light were a welcome sight, it was dark when they arrived and they had been driving in rain for the last few hours.  They turned the yurt heater on and headed to my place.


I have never entertained before in my trailer.  It is a small 17 foot trailer with a small sink, small counter, and generally small everything.  There is a table for two that we squeezed three around.  The back couch/twin bed was were the dogs were to lay to keep out of the way, but only Sadie thought that was a good idea.  Rocket had to be in the middle of everything laying on the floor between our feet.  It was chaotic and comfy all at the same time.

Having only one small fry pan and one sauce pan, plus cooking in a small space limits menu possibilities.  I settled on a menu of seafood fettuccini with asparagus and bread.  Cooking took over an hour, having to cook each ingredient separately with my limited cookware.  The mushrooms, then the onions, the pasta, the salmon and cod and then finally the prawns all cooked separately.  Then all were combined with a white wine/cream sauce for a successful dinner.