In the early pre-dawn hour I reach from my bed and switch on the heater, it was colder than usual.  I know the science behind the cold weather; east winds and clear skies.  For now I cuddle under my blankets with my two dogs.   As I drifted back to sleep I was thinking it will be a sunny day at the lighthouse.  I will enjoy it if I dress warm enough.


Our bed.  I haven’t convinced the dogs that the floor is a good place to sleep.

Sadie jumps off the bed at 5:00 am demanding her walk.  I do not ignore her commands.  She is a mature girl of 14 years and knows when she needs to go.  Like many seniors, she lacks the bladder control she once had and I move fast when she needs to go out.  I throw on my coat and head lamp, slide on my muck shoes, clip the dogs to their leashes and head outside.  I am already familiar enough with my neighbors to not be concerned about walking around in my fleece PJs.  It is a quick walk in the dark and most likely all my neighbors are asleep.

Later in the day I pack multiple layers of clothing including, hats, mittens, scarf, earmuffs, long underwear, extra sweater and head to the lighthouse at 10:30. My shift today is 11:00 to 2:00.  Surprisingly it wasn’t too cold and windy at the lighthouse.  The sun is out and the winds have died.


View from my work

There are four of us at the lighthouse today which gives us time to stand outside and talk with the visitors.  With the smooth calm waters I see many sea lions, a number of whale spouts, and I saw a falcon that routinely sits on a rock by the lighthouse.   I named him/her Perry.