A day for new beginnings.  Visitors at the lighthouse are wishing us a happy New Year and we return the wish.  We kept tours going non-stop for the three hours we are at the lighthouse.   Today the view from the lighthouse includes many fishing boats.  We have heard that crab season starts today.  When not giving tours we keep looking out into the water searching for whale spouts.  And the visitors are looking for whales too.  Interestingly, we see no whale spouts today.  This is a mystery to me; yesterday we saw many spouts, today we seen none.  And Perry the falcon isn’t sitting on his rock today.  Maybe they did too much New Year celebrating last night.

When I returned to my trailer after work, three of my fellow volunteers have left.  All were located next to me.  The campground seems rather empty.  The three are replaced with a single person, camping away from me.  January is not a popular month for volunteering here.  The lighthouse is now staffed shorter hours.