Being not sure of the weather or the desires of Jan and Mary I made no plans for the day, yet the impromptu day would turn out to satisfy all definitions of a great day at the beach.  A visit to the lighthouse was the first stop for the day.  After the tour we went up the hill behind the lighthouse.  I have been suggesting to all my tour groups to walk up the hill and yet I had not walked up there yet.

20160104_114926_HDR (2).jpgThen it was off to the Carl Washburne beach with the dogs.   It is a predictable and comforting visit.  The dogs run wild, the waves crash, over a mile of sandy beach with no one in sight, and talking with friends.

We left the tired dogs in my trailer to sleep and then headed to the Strawberry Hill wayside.  I had a reference that there were Harbor Seals there.  By happenstance our visit was timed at low tide.  It was a wonderful surprise.  We walked down the steps and found seals sleeping on the rocks.   And with a bit of exploring we found sea anemone city, lots of sea anemones.  As we were there the tide was coming in and we wondered if there would be a dramatic event with all the seals sliding into the water at once.  We waited and watched.  And waited with nothing happening.  We left without knowing if the seals leave the rock as a dramatic group event or individually.


Harbor seals

We then visited the Cape Perpetua Whale watching visitor center.  A serene place to sit and watch the ocean hoping to see whales.   One can sit inside dry and warm, a nice thing on a cold rainy day that happens on the coast.  We ended the day in Yachats eating dinner.