It was a cold wet day at the lighthouse.  Not too many people choose to walk to the lighthouse today.  We had about 30 people take tours.  During the day I heard some chatter from people about potential snow.  In my universe it didn’t matter.  My life revolves around reading books and writing, checking the tide table to orchestrate dog play time on the beach, giving lighthouse tours, cooking, exploring, and domestic chores.  I do not have access to the internet and cell phones unless I drive south towards Florence which I do once every two or three days.  I do not follow the news.  For now I’m happy to be away from the world and living only in my small isolated universe.

That evening my friends Jan and Mary arrived for a visit bring news from the outside world.  It came as a complete surprise that their simple enjoyable drive from Seattle to Heceta was interrupted by a snow storm on I-5 with cars crashing and cars sliding off the road.  They altered their travel plans and headed west to the coast at Longview where the weather was warmer.  The result was a longer drive but an enjoyable drive.  They didn’t arrive until after dark.

They are staying at the Heceta Head Bed and Breakfast which originally was a duplex serving as homes for the second and third lighthouse keepers.


An absolutely wonderful place.  With two parlors and two fireplaces it invites one to sit, relax and visit.