Today got off to a lazy start.  It was high tide so I couldn’t take the dogs to the beach this morning.  I headed north to explore the town of Yachats.  The town has a little museum that was pleasant to visit.  The local docent kindly explained items to me.   There is a sea shell collection, historical pictures, and various historical items donated by the residences all crammed into about 500 sq ft.  The church portion of the building is no longer used for services but about ten weddings a years are performed there the docent explained.


The Log Church museum

As I walked the dogs along the waterfront I was charmed by the fact that small houses were located on the waterfront with fabulous views.  No big multi story mansions.  The town appears to be a simple town without meaningless fluff.


The museum docent explained to me that the name Yachats is a native name that means dark waters between two green hills.  An exact description of the location.

For those traveling in the area, note:  There is no gas in Yachats.