Being a work day, I like the dogs to get some exercise in the morning before they are cooped up in the trailer when I’m gone.  A morning high tide did not allow beach play so the dogs had to settle for a walk in the woods.  I repeated the walk I had made with Julie and Peter.  A simple half mile stroll from the Carl Washburn campground to the beach.  This time, walking by myself without the diversion of friendly talk I noticed how interesting the woods are.

20160108_090651 (2).jpg

Ferns growing on the tree

The woods were dense at the sky yet open underneath.  The moss carpets the ground and trees, softens and hides any sharp edges.


And then the vegetation along the trail abruptly changes to dense shrubs and short trees.  A unique beach ecosystem.  Plants crammed together.

20160108_091500 (2).jpg


Plants stumbling over each other trying hard to win the competition for space.

20160108_092316 (3).jpg

The most dainty plant growing on the ground

20160108_091811_HDR (2).jpg

Why can’t we go to the beach now?

We reach the beach.  With an incoming high tide, beach time will be delayed until this afternoon.