I had dropped my friend off at the Moab airport and was now traveling with just my two dogs.

20161026_093455 (2).jpg

Sadie and Rocket ready to travel in the back seat of the truck.

Next I moved to the Valley of the Gods.  Although the site is about 20 miles from Muley Point, I did not drive the Moki Dugway to get there.  The Moki Dugway scares me.  I drove about 100 miles via Blanding and Bluff, getting both my water tank and propane tanks filled in Blanding.


Valley of the Gods from my camp site

— Valley of the Gods.  Click to enlarge.

Oh-my, the Moki Dugway.  I’m scared of heights.   Watching cars drive up it I now know that I will never drive or ride the Moki Dugway unless I’m too drunk to understand where I am.

— The Moki Dugway on Highway 261 by the west end of the Valley of the Gods Road.  Enlarge and look for a car to the left of the grader.


The Goosenecks of the San Juan River

The Monarch Ruins are on Comb Ridge and were an enjoyable mile walk from the parking lot.


Monarch Ruins


  • Blanding has a nice visitor center complete with clean restrooms, free wifi, and free water to fill tanks.  Ask at the desk for the water faucet handle if you need water.
  • Don’t look for hidden places to camp in the Valley of the Gods.  The only place I saw not in view of the road was about a half mile west of the east entrance.  Embrace the open country and camp at a pull-off next to the road.
  • All Utah schools close for a four day weekend (Thursday through Sunday) in October the opening of hunting season.  I had been told that all campgrounds would be full and to not try to look for a campsite that weekend.  Perhaps the warning was a bit over exaggerated, but it is best to be aware of the weekend.
  • The parking lot for Monarch Ruins is located 7.2 miles north of the gate on county road 262.