“What was the favorite part of your trip?”  This was the common question I was asked when I returned to work.  I didn’t have an obvious answer which pushed me to ponder.  The scenery was gorgeous.  The ability to walk in the footsteps of the ancient people was humbling.  The geology was mind blowing.   But these items were all wisps in the memories dancing in my head.  I realized the memories with density, were of the people I met.

Meeting the Wander The West people in the Valley of Gods was wonderful.  I’m still thinking about my chat about a 1,700-foot, 36-inch diameter horizontal directional drill run.  And meeting Hoyden who later wrote about her trip :   “Perhaps that’s what I learned on this trip: to take one step at a time, not to give credence to the future unknowns, and watch for cairns – the markers of where others have gone and suggested a reasonable path.”


Some of the Wander The West group

In Blanding, John after filling my propane tank shared his view of declaring Bear Ears a National Monument.  His family roots went back to the Hole in the Rock Mormon expedition in 1880 which helped settle the Bluff/Blanding area.  He told me that he has ventured to parts of the land that fewer than 100 people have ever seen.  He and his family have grazed cattle on the land since they arrive.  He grazes a herd of 200.  Didn’t they have rights to the land?

In Moab when I needed to replace my lost cheater bar needed to mount my weight distribution bars, the owner of Red Rock Diesel Semi Truck and Trailer Repair; not having the item to sell me, told me to go buy a piece of pipe and he would bend it for me.  When I returned, he did bent it – for free.

On the trail to the Monarch ruins I needed help getting the dogs up a steep section.  One person took Rocket and another helped me lift my old dog Sadie up the trail.  Later they helped me carry Sadie down over the steep spot.

And more.


  • Life is good.