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I moved my home to an area north of I-70 at the Temple Mt. Road exit.  This is a large boondock camping area about a mile north of the exit.


The camp site

I went to see the Rochester petrograph panel.  Unfortunately I didn’t read the information regarding the trail to the panel.  The trail started out wide and switch-backed into the canyon.  Then it turned to a narrow goat trail on the canyon side.  I continued on for a bit but stopped when I realized to continue would be dumb.  I was by myself, picking my way over and around rocks, with two dogs on leashes that can pull with the strength of elephants if they see a lizard.  If I had read the information I had on the trail before I started, I wouldn’t have started the walk.  Note to self:  read the info I have before proceeding.


The trail to the Rochester Panel.  Not too bad if you don’t have dogs on leashes.

I did discover that there is a nice camp site at the trail head.  And if the nice site is occupied, there is room to camp in the parking lot.


Rochester Panel trailhead


View from the Rochester Panel camp site

Elsewhere on the Moore Cut-off are petrographs.  Look for a parking lot on the north side of the road.  There is no sign.




  • Information I had indicated that there were dino tracks close to the Moore Cut-off Road.  I couldn’t find them.
  • There was a bit of freeway noise at the I-70/Temple Mt. Road camping area.
  • See my map for the location of the Rochester Panel trailhead and camping site.