Moab is a bit touristy, but it has the right to be with so much to see in the area.  I saw only a few of the local sights, leaving most to see on a return trip.   The two sights I saw were the Mill Canyon Dino Tracks and Arches National Park.

North of Moab about 15 miles is the Mill Canyon Dino Track site.  There have been lots of tracks uncovered.  It amazes me that foot prints made long ago has survived as stone.


Mill Canyon dino tracks


Lots of different dino prints here.

Arches was interesting.  With dogs not allowed on any paths I missed seeing most or the arches, but I still saw cool rocks.  I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing the cool rocks in Utah.  The history of the earth is an incredible story.


Arches NP


Arches NP


  • Camping is allowed at the Mill Canyon Dino Track site.  BLM has built a large gravel parking lot where camping is allowed.  It is safe and functional.  I would stop there if traveling through and needed a place to stay.  See my map for the location.