I decided to start my exploring with my number one destination – Juniper Gulch off of the Leslie Gulch Road.


I called this rock The King

_DSC0998The photos don’t show the scenery’s true wonder.

The trail is really a path that meanders up a drainage swale. Don’t plan on a fast hike. The ground is uneven with rocks, making you keep your eyes on your feet so you don’t trip. Then you stop to see the beauty. I walked about a mile, where the canyon opens into a basin and then turned around.


The path

The Facts

  • Juniper Gulch is about 10 miles from the Succor Creek Road on the Leslie Gulch Road. There is a parking lot and a sign.
  • There is a campground at the end of the Leslie Gulch Road. It was not appealing to me. It is all dirt with some man made shelters. Also, it is not on the lake as I thought is was.
  • The Leslie Gulch Road is a good road that cars can drive but it was washboard. Plan on driving it at about 20 mph.
  • ATT coverage map seems to have been created with alternative facts. I could not get a text out with my cell phone on the dash as I drove from Leslie Gulch to the campground.