A rather slow day today. Rain/snow were forecast. In this area dirt roads turn to gumbo when wet. In the morning I saw rain showers in the distant. It looked like I could make it to Jordan Crater and back before the rains started. Off I went.


Based on the lack of plant growth, scientist believe that some of the lava is only 100 years old. I find it intriguing that there is no human record of this recent lava flow. Hot lava was flowing out of the ground and no one knew. A middle of nowhere happening.


The Jordan Crater Road.

I made it back to the trailer mid afternoon. The sky had clouded over and rain surrounded me for a time being, then I was engulfed in rain, and then the snow started. I settled in reading a book. This would be a test for how my solar panels and trailer performed in winter weather. The forecast was for a low of 20 degrees. I turned on the heater, keeping the trailer at 65 and watched the battery monitor. At 5:00 the solar panels became covered in snow; there would be no more charging of the batteries today. At 9 o’clock I opened my cabinet doors to keep the pipes from freezing, turned the heater off and climbed into bed. At 2:00 am I woke as planned and turned the heater on for a bit. The lowest setting for my heater is about 50 degrees, too high to run it all night I felt. I woke in the morning and flipped the heater on warming up my cozy trailer. The trailer had passed the cozy test with the battery voltage still acceptable.


The next morning

The Facts

  • What to do with garbage can be a challenge when staying where there is no garbage collection. ODOT to the rescue along Hwy 95. They have a number of pull offs with garbage cans.