I am not an avid rock hounder and have little experience in rock hounding. And I don’t know much about rocks. But I love geology and I like the concept of rock hounding. Today I visited a place south of Succor Creek State Park to look for fossils. I had been to this place before with a geologist, someone who gave me a clue of what to do. I had a chisel and hammer with me ready to split open the rocks looking for leaf fossils. Success.


The large leaf is about 2 inches long

Below is the location of where I found the fossils.  I found them a bit west of the center of the road cut.  You can just pick up pieces and look for fossils or bring a chisel and hammer and start splitting the rock randomly hoping to uncover a fossil.

CaptureI had information that there was jasper, agates, and petrified wood in McBride Creek. I went there next and walked the creek bed. I found two agates. I had learned from my time at Hecada Head  that you know it is an agate when you can see light through the rock when you hold it up to the sun.

I also thought I might have found part of an arrow head. But when I look at the picture now it doesn’t look like it.