Everything about the area screamed that I was not in Seattle.

This time of year the geese are heading south. Flocks would leave at sunset and sunrise each day I was at Antelope Reservoir. I must have taken over hundred photos of the sunrises and sunsets. Below is my favorite.


I went to Cow Lakes. BLM has a campground there. Despite the name that conjures  up an image of swarm of flies and yucky green water, it was a nice place.


Cows Lakes campground


Cow Lake

Seeing this sign was a true indication I was not in Seattle anymore.


And this sign too.  Unforgettable Restrooms!  I chuckled each time I saw this sign in Jordan Valley.


That night I shared the campground with fellow Washingtonians. What an interesting couple. In the summer they live on a restored 1954 army tug boat.

Colleen saw I was reading a book and she was familiar with the author.  I finished the book before they left and gave it to her to enjoy. She gave me a fresh tomato from her garden.  There seems to be a brotherhood with campers that stay in remote campgrounds.  At home I wouldn’t talk to a stranger.  Here I feel we are instant friends for the time we are together.  And then we go our separate ways.

The Facts

  • The Cow Lakes Campground seems like a good middle of nowhere place.  The campground wasn’t dusty which tells me few people visit it. The road there was good. Walk around to check out your camping spots. There is a spot by the dam and a bit north by the lake in addition to where the picnic tables are.
  • Jordan Valley has very limited services. A gas station, a motel, and a store that had pop, candy, chips, beer, ice, and liquor.