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I had been wanting to go to Silver City for years, ever since I had seen the TV show Northwest Backroads on it. I think that show was about eight years ago. When the snows came on Saturday, I was wondering if I might not make it in this trip. But I decided to hang around and let the roads dry out for a couple of days. Today: Silver City or Bust.

I took the road from Jordan Valley. It is a gravel road freeway all the way to the DeLamar mine that is now closed. After that the road is a single lane windy, twisty, road that I drove at 5 to 20 mph.  I was glad I had waited two days for the roads to dry.  There was still a bit of compacted snow on the road in a few locations.  Following are photos from the drive.


I always pause to wonder about the life of the people that lived in abandoned houses.  To let a home crumble to ruins strikes me as sad.


No question who was boss.

Photos of Silver City.




Also off the road, north of the DeLamar mine is the Wagontown cemetery.  There are no signs, I found photos of it on Google Earth.  There is a rough road to it.  I parked and walk up the hill about a tenth of a mile.



The Wagontown cemetery road turn off.

The Facts

  • I emailed the hotel to get the road conditions before I left. This year the road from the west was in better shape than the road from the east.
  • Believe the signs and don’t try to take a trailer to Silver City. Although with the right set-up you can make it, you may have to make others backup and your slow progress requiring spotting may be an irritation to others. There are two nice camping spot about a mile after the turn off to the DeLamar mine. After that don’t take a trailer.  I marked the camping spots on my map.