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Seen on the trip

With significant rain in the forecast for the next day and the day after, my wandering days on the back roads of Montana were coming to an end. I had been warned by the locals that snow at the Mill Creek Campground and rain in town was anticipated. The locals I talked to were concerned about me and wanted to make sure I knew about the change in weather. There concerns were comforting. People caring about people. I thanked them for there concern and took it seriously. It was time to skedaddle. I had planned on going to see the Rochester ghost town but everyone told me that that road became slippery with rain. Visiting Rochester would be saved for another day. Plus other back road adventures would have to wait for another trip. I left the Mill Creek Campground earlier than planned and started heading home.

Along my way home I stopped at Sculptures In the Wild by Lincoln. It was worth it to go out of my way to the north side of I-90 to see it.

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I spent the night at the Drummond City Park and the next day at Rose Lake fish access site. After that I was focused on Seattle, but there is always time to talk to others.  Stopping at a rest stop I commented to a guy with his head under the hood of his older RV that I hoped it wasn’t something serious.  He replied that he was checking on the oil level in mama’s RV.  I asked if he was a RV full timer.  Yup was his response.  Today was his third day.  He was on his way to visit his son.  He looked at my setup of a truck and trailer and said he had thought about selling the RV to get a truck and trailer but his kids didn’t want him to sell mama’s RV.  He explained that mama had died three years ago from breast cancer.  Before she died she thought it would be nice to go to the west coast for a visit, but she was too sick to travel by a car.  He had put an ad in the paper looking for an older RV that he could buy to take her to the coast.  A couple responded that they would sell him a RV for $700 and it needed new tired.  He and his adult kids started looking into how they could scrape together $700 plus buy tires.  Later the couple called to see if he was still interested in the RV; if so, they would give it to him – free.  Mama got to go on her trip before she died.  People are good.

Later on I stopped at the Columbia River scenic view point and had a  mind blowing coincident.  I pulled into the scenic view point and about three minutes latter Linda, who I met at Bannack pulled in next to me.  We had said good bye about a week ago; I was traveling south and Linda was heading north. And now we both happen to turn into the same view point at the same time.  We had an enjoyable visit and now that I was on home turf I was able to give her more suggestions than she could remember.

After that I was home.  Time to start planning my next trip.

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The trip