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With my new Inreach device – I had freedom. I could now break my rule of only driving on an unused road as far as I could walk out.  I headed to some old mining ruins south of the old city of Rochester.

2019-07-02 10.28.46 cow6.jpg
Shoemaker Mine
2019-07-02 10.30.36 .jpg
Shoemaker Mine
2019-07-02 10.42.30 _1
Cooper Mine
Shortfellow Mine

On the road I ran into a geologist out surveying old abandoned mines.  We chatted and exchanged stories.  One thing I enjoy in my travels is talking with the local people.  When I mentioned that I was staying the night at the Hells Canyon Cabin, I could see the place reminded him of happy memories.  In his youth; he said, he and his buddies would go stay there, he said it was a special place that I would enjoy.

Off I drove looking forward to staying at the Hells Canyon Cabin.  The drive was 15 miles from the main road through a variety of scenery.  I won’t explain it, and leave it for you to discover if you go to the cabin.

2019-07-03 07.05.17 .jpg
View from the Hells Canyon cabin porch.

The cabin was clean, bright, and didn’t have any mice.