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I had been wanting to go to the Gravelly Range for a few years.  I was in the area last year but skipped it due to wild fires on the north end. This trip I would make it; however, not as planned.  And the wildflowers… would my gamble on the dates picked to see the wildflowers pay off?  I drove up the Warm Springs Road.

2019-07-03 12.53.55 cow6

Driving up the Gravelly Range.

As I drove up I started to see some color but the skies got stormy.  Hail, rain, wind, and thunder all started when I reached the top.  I drove south to the Black Butte Forest Service Cabin planning on exploring and taking photos the next day when the weather was to improve.  But it would not happen, my dog Razzy got sick during the night.  At sun rise I packed up the truck and started the three hour drive to the closest vet in Twin Bridges.  I rolled down my window and took a few pictures on my way out.

2019-07-04 06.54.18 cow6

2019-07-04 07.20.21 cow6

I had won my gamble on selecting the dates to visit, there were fields of the wildflowers. I’ll try to come back again to explore the area.

The visit to the vet didn’t identify anything horrible with Razzy.  She had an intestinal upset and was back to normal in a few days.

I wasn’t looking forward making the drive back to the Black Butte Cabin that I reserved for two days.  I asked the vet for a recommendation on where to stay and she picked the perfect place for me – the High Tower Ranch B&B.  The place only has two rooms, had a fenced yard for the dogs, and allowed the dogs in my room.  Plus the hosts were delightful and interesting.

2019-07-05 08.32.44

After taking a nap I explored a bit and saw this farm field.  I wonder what they are growing?

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