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After the Gravelly Range and Twin Bridges I was heading home. On the way home I had two nights reserved at the Horse Prairie Cabin.

Razzy, the watch dog at the Horse Prairie Cabin
The cabin
View from the cabin porch.

I went up to Lemhi Pass for a visit with the plans to go for a walk. But my dog Rocket let me know that he has officially become an old dog. He wasn’t going to take a walk and thought the idea was pointless.

View from Lemhi Pass
Razzy at Lemhi Pass

After Lemhi Pass the focus was on getting home, a two days drive. I took some back roads through eastern Washington and had a pleasant drive.

Wheat fields
Grain silo
Grain silo

And then I was home. In reflection I liked staying at the forest service cabins. But what I didn’t like was having to follow a schedule with the reservations.

The trip