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I discovered that petroglyphs and pictographs are scattered through a large region by Caliente, NV.  

I visited sites in an area that was 20 miles south of the Kershaw Ryan State Park to 20 miles north.  There are a number of sites and if you are inquisitive the BLM will give you the coordinates to them.  There are no signs marking the location. Here is a sample of what I saw.  All photos have been digitally enhanced.

I visited seven sites and some took a bit of diligence to find even though I had the coordinates.   For one site I had the coordinates indicating where I was to leave the major highway. Then I had instructions to drive 2.15 miles to the site.  My problem was that there were two roads – which one do I drive?  

This was a happy adventure by selecting the wrong road.  It was a fun drive.  

After back tracking and taking the other road this was my find.

I would have loved to look around for more petroglyphs and pictographs – a kind of adult hide and seek, but with an old dog I left the hide and seek adventure for another trip.