Following are a few miscellaneous items from my time spent around the Kershaw Ryan State Park.

I’m cautious about what roads I drive down.  I look at aerials and I don’t drive a road that I see vegetation growing in the middle of the road.  I ask locals about road conditions.  I read about other people’s adventures.   But sometimes that all fails.  Lots of vegetation can grow after an eight-year-old road report indicating that a car could drive the road.  Yes, technically a car could drive the road, but pin striping results.  There was no place to turn around.  I cringed and laughed.

Call me crazy, but when I’m driving without the radio on, which is in much of Nevada without old fashion radio, I find myself looking at details and wondering.  These power poles caught my attention.  What is the purpose of the metal spiral “fins”?  I emailed friends that emailed their friends.  No one knew their purpose.  Guesses were:

  • Art/aesthetics.
  • Stop people from attempting to climb the poles.
  • Reduce wind caused vibration.

Here’s a couple of photos that I took that I liked.

Joshua trees

Fun UFO cloud

Below was the view out my window that I woke to each morning while I was at Kershaw Ryan State Park.  It is various layers of volcanic ash which erupted 18 to 23 million years ago.  Loved it.

If you like rocks, the drive south of the Kershaw Ryan State Park through the Rainbow Canyon is enjoyable.  

View from Rainbow Canyon

The Elgin historic schoolhouse is at the end of the pavement in Rainbow Canyon.  You can schedule to see the schoolhouse with the Kershaw Ryan State Park ranger.  Call ahead.  When I asked about having it opened, the earliest he could do it was four days away.  Next trip I’ll call ahead.