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After seeing the ancient Bristlecone Pines, I wanted to get back to Nevada. Too many people in Owens Valley. I didn’t know that Highway 395 in California was a four-lane road, that Bishop had many stoplights, and that gas stations were in all the towns. I skedaddled back to Nevada and settled in at Lahontan State Park River Campground. So much better.

I drove over to Grimes Point to see a few things I had heard about.  There is a petroglyph site that is adjacent to Highway 50 and southeast of Fallon.  An easy stop.  A five-minute walk and you start seeing petroglyphs.  I was able to leave my old dog in the truck with the windows down and watch him as I viewed the petroglyphs.  

My young dog. No – she is not standing on a petroglyph.

Around the corner from Grimes Point is Hidden Cave.  The walk looked too far to leave my old dog, but maybe someday I’ll return.  The information board indicated that the Churchill County Museum gives tours the second and fourth Saturday of each month and you can arrange a special tour at other times.  

Onward I drove in search of wonderstone.  It was a fun excuse to drive some back roads.  With a bit of perseverance I found some wonderstone.

I also found this green “mountain”.   The entire outcrop is made of green stone.  I checked the geologic map of the area and found that both the wonderstone and green outcrop are labeled tertiary sediments about five million years old.  

Stone on the side of the green “mountain”.
The green “mountain” from a distance.
A small piece of the green stone.