I camped at Summer Lake in 2013 and have wanted to return for years.  Last fall I was planning on returning but with a weather forecast of bitter cold and snow, I aborted that plan.  On this trip, on my way south I was going to stay.  Instead I only saw Summer Lake as I hurriedly drove south working to keep ahead of a bitter cold front descending from the north.  Now today.  As I drove north I was driving through dark gray skies and snow.  In places there was a couple of inches of snow covering the ground.  The wind was blowing cold.  I made the decision that if I could find a place to fill my propane tanks for the furnace, I would turn off the road and stay.  I was able to get the propane tanks filled – I ventured to Summer Lake.  It was better than I remembered.  

American White Pelicans

I chose to stay at the same place as before because I remembered hearing an owl during the night and then seeing it in a near by tree.  This trip I didn’t hear the owl, but the next morning I looked in the tree and there was a Great Horned Owl sitting there.  I checked the internet and found that a Great Horned Owl can live thirteen years.  It is possible that it is the same owl, but I’ll admit it probably isn’t.   

The Great Horned Owl
These swans hung out by my camping site the entire two days I was there.
Some of the grasses were seven feet tall.

I enjoyed my stay and then – I was home.  That’s all folks.