The weather remains unusually cold.  I saw ice on the beach this morning.  During this time I’ve gained a deep appreciation for my friend Sylvia.  She is stylish black with a chrome grill.  Tall and slim.  Strong but elegant.

20160102_173947She hums happily as she does her work sharing heat with me.  When I press a button she does a little dance swaying back and forth as she spreads her warmth around.  In the morning I ask her to work while I lazily stayed in bed.  When I return from being away she immediately goes to work warming my home and lets me hover around her without complaining that I have invaded her space.  And she can sense when I have gotten warm and she stops her job until more heat is needed.  She is truly a charming trustworthy friend.  When I leave Heceta I’ll give her a vacation.  She will have deserved it.