Some people reading this blog may have noticed I skipped this day.  I wanted to take some pictures, I didn’t like what I wrote, and thought I would fix it soon.  Instead of doing all above, nothing happened.  But the month is ending soon, so no more procrastination.

With three of us working this Sunday there was time to sit and observe the visitors.  I noticed a couple that was staying at the view point much longer than usual.  A young couple in their late 20’s.  Chatting away, not taking pictures or interested in a tour, and not looking out at the ocean. Just simply engaged in an enjoyable conversation between themselves.  It was that kind of chatting where silence is not comfortable.  A chatting that is continuously happy.  I realized it was a first date.

They chatted away.  It was a windy day and we were bundled up, yet neither of them had a coat.  They must have been getting cold.  We went in and out of the lighthouse giving tours and they stayed at the view point.  When we left for the day, they were still there.  He had his arm around her.