This day off from work I spent with friends Ron and Debbie.  Like Jan and Mary they too are staying at the bed and breakfast.  After I gave them a tour of the lighthouse and we drove north and saw the sights.

W20160111_110058 (2)e made a quick stop at the devil’s churn.  Jumped out of the car, walked to the view point and saw the churn.  Fun and simply.   A nice lady interrupted us to suggest a sightseeing stop for us.  She described a stone shelter above us.  After a windy drive up the hill through the forest we reach the top knoll and view point.  We laughed:  clouds were racing by, the wind was howling, it was raining sideways.  We wondered if we could even see the ocean directly below.  Ron jumped out of the car to give Debbie and I a report before we ventured out.  He came back and grabbed his camera gear, told us we could see the ocean and said he was heading off to see the stone shelter.  Debbie and I ventured out to see the sight, looked around briefly and headed back to the comfort of the car.  We hoped we didn’t have to go searching for Ron and he would return.  And he did return with photos of the shelter.  I’m sure the photos are as good as seeing it in person.