The weather forecast today was for rain; not showers, and the meteorologists were spot on accurate.  It rained without stopping throughout the day.  The clatter of the rain on the trailer roof was continually present.  The small droplets result in a high tin type sound.  The drips from the pine trees are larger with a deeper sound.  A gust of wind would provide an outburst of drips overwhelming the sound of the small rain droplets.  The drumming sound of intense rain came and went as a reminder that the rain will not stop.  And at times the rain was frantic and knocked on the windows.

Plans for exploring were set aside.  I visited the local library and discovered I was not alone thinking that the library was a perfect hang-out for the day.  The parking lot was full when I arrived.

I also discovered that rain is hard to photograph.  A picture of the bridge at Heceta will need to suffice for showing rain.

20160112_104402 (2).jpg