The weather was to improve today with rain showers throughout the day instead of unrelenting rain.  I headed south to explore with the sand dunes a constant feature the entire coast line.

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Seems as an afterthought that the more traditional St.Mary was added.

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Umpqua lighthouse

I stopped to see the Umpqua Lighthouse, a sister to the Heceta Head Lighthouse.  It was built as the same time as Heceta using the same design.

The parking lot for the lighthouse is also a whale watching view point.  In the parking lot sat a man in his car with the window down and a sign that read:  “Ask me your questions.”  A volunteer taking shelter from the weather in his car.  We chatted and he explained the oyster farm in the distance, knew the lighthouse facts, and provided me a recommendation for a place to let the dogs run.  Being a volunteer docent I have a new understanding for these individuals.  We want people to ask us questions.  Play stump the docent the next time you see a volunteer.



Further south I drove through Coos Bay to Cape Arago and Shore Acres.


View from Cape Arago.  Sea lions in the center

My last stop for the day was Shore Acres garden.  What a surprise.  An immaculately maintained formal garden, in a somewhat remote location, managed by the state parks with free admission, and located next to the beach with interesting rocks.  How could I not love the place?  And there are volunteers staffing the area with a RV area for them to stay.  I will remember this place for potential future volunteering.

After seeing the gardens it was time to end the touring and head for home.   It was a two hour drive and I hoped to make it back before dark.

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Shore Acres garden



View from Shore Acres



View from Shore Acres