I was out on the beach this morning.  Low tide and dogs = fun.  I came upon a woman playing with her young dog while looking for agates.

20160114_091219 (3)

Sandy.  Friendly beach dog

We joined forces to keep our dogs running and playing, and she explain a bit about how to look for agates.  After a high tide they can be found in rocky areas on the beach.  We chatted and kept our heads down and eureka  – I found a nice agate.   Keeping to her job of educating me, she explained that it was appropriate to give thanks after a find.  I hopefully gave an appropriate thanks to the agate gods which will allow me to find more.

The weather turned rainy and windy when I went to the lighthouse today.  Only two tours today, a total of four people.  Gloria and I kept ourselves occupied chatting and looking at the books in the oil house where we hang-out.